Cloud Application Performance

I help Fortune 500 retailers scale their cloud applications using open source software

Why Cloud Application Performance Matters

Is your organization able to deliver the best quality and value at the highest speed? Probably not. In fact, your competitors are likely way ahead of you. If you're unable to deliver on the following goals, your customers will happily buy elsewhere.


Delays in response time, or even worse - system outages - are proven to result in fewer page views and reduced customer trust. This directly impacts your bottom line. Every second counts.

Competitive Advantage

Simply put, if your application is slower than your competitors', your customers will buy somewhere else. Regardless of your product, service, or market, every application is in the customer service business. Your customers need to be happy with every click.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Being able to quickly measure customer sentiment - feedback in the marketplace - is crucial in order to attract and retain customers. How quickly can you collect and report on your key metrics?

Brand Goals

Major performance problems and outages quickly attract negative media attention. Even smaller problems can slowly erode brand value. Customers will become brand champions if you outperform their expectations, which keeps them coming back.

I Can Help

Are you wondering about how to convince your board or senior management to invest in application performance? Click here to email me and briefly describe your current situation. I'll offer my advice on how to properly position application performance as the solution to the challenges your organization is facing.

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I've worked with AutoNation, Burger King, Computer Associates, Canon, Office Depot, Vitacost, and many more on their application performance strategies. Unlike other experts (e.g., Accenture, IBM, Deloitte et al.) you work directly with me; not an army of junior consultants who are learning on the job at your expense. I leverage open source software to avoid absurdly high licensing fees.

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Typical Client Results

When I work with clients in a strategic capacity, the following results are common:

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