Migrating to AWS

Retire your technical debt and increase focus on innovating for your customers

I can help you transform your business and deliver high-performing applications, faster and more economically than with on-premises solutions. My Amazon Web Services (AWS) migration services include: strategy and roadmap, infrastructure audit, architecture design, automation, deployment, testing, cutover and disaster recovery planning.

Migrating a single application to AWS can seem simple. Sometimes it is. But more often, that application’s function is tied to multiple business processes and dependencies. It may impact your vendors, your balance sheet, your regulatory compliance.

Moreover, a simple “forklift” approach to moving your applications to the cloud often bypasses the key benefits associated with the cloud: cost savings, scalability, increased speed and flexibility.

When you’re contemplating a cloud migration of 100 or 1,000 applications, the missed opportunities and potential pitfalls can pile up.

AWS migrations involve a very complex set of distributed activities that need to be managed deliberately and with agility. I will work with you to rapidly map applications and infrastructure as well as to determine the right migration path.

AWS Migration Planning

Here’s what you get:

  1. An initial in-depth, one-on-one remote meeting with me to define long-term business goals, existing legacy systems architecture, and organizational challenges.
  2. A thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, including any architecturally significant use cases, as they may relate to AWS.
  3. I will provide a custom report and roadmap, detailing the specific migration path from your on-premises solution to AWS, step-by-step. This will include complete specifications for compute resources, storage, databases, networking, security, usage fees, and any other necessary “moving parts” to get you up and running on AWS.
  4. A closing phone or Skype call to go over the results and reports, talk about your strategy again and make sure that we have everything covered.
  5. I can optionally present a separate proposal to personally implement the migration plan with you and your staff.

My one-time fee for AWS Migration Planning is $4,500 USD.

Please contact me to sign up or for more information.