Online Shopping Statistics

  • 71% of shoppers expect customer service assistance within 5 minutes
  • 47% of shoppers actively seek customer reviews through social media
  • A product needs 50 online reviews to raise conversion rate by 4.6%
  • 81% of shoppers cite social recommendations as directly influential on purchase decisions
  • 74% of shoppers abandon carts due to high delivery charges
  • 75% of shoppers add to their orders to qualify for free shipping
  • Shoppers respond to free shipping offers 2x more than price discounts
  • 55% of cart abandoners spend even more when receiving a cart recovery email
  • 59% of shoppers believe a personalized experience makes it easier to find what they are looking for
  • 56% of shoppers that receive personalized recommendations are more likely to return
  • 84% of marketers realize positive ROI from behavioral targeting for personalization


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