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Helping you achieve your desired business outcomes with AWS

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I help my clients securely migrate, scale, and evolve applications on AWS

I offer both productized and custom consulting engagements for clients of all sizes.

AWS Strategy Retainer

Cloud-based applications are not simply “forklifted” versions of their on-premises cousins; in fact, cloud application platforms are far more sophisticated.

Learning things the hard way in the cloud means wasting tens (or sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars on misguided development efforts. Worse, you risk losing valuable competitive advantage by prolonging your time to market. Our consulting engagement will give you access to the strategic and tactical cloud expertise you need, when you need it.

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AWS Migration Services

I can help you transform your business and deliver high-performing applications, faster and more economically than with on-premises solutions. My cloud migration services include: strategy and roadmap, infrastructure audit, architecture design, automation, deployment, testing, cutover and disaster recovery planning.

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AWS Lifecycle Management Services

I provide comprehensive service options throughout the AWS lifecycle, including planning, deployment, and operations.




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AWS Evolution

Do you have an interesting AWS goal or challenge? Let’s refactor your application on AWS to reduce costs, increase uptimes, respond to business events and exploit cloud innovation.

I can work with your organization to design and optimize your business applications to be AWS-native, taking direct advantage of AWS services, with assistance, training, and guidance for your team. Please contact me to discuss it.

AWS migration and transformation programs reduce cost, risk, and complexity for rapid business innovation and agility at scale. I offer a number of AWS consulting services, including an AWS migration service to quickly get you up and running. Please contact me for details on how I can help your organization.