In their own words...
Mark has a strong analytical mindset coupled with the ability to think outside the box. He has strong VB/SQL/.net coding experience with advanced web analytics methodologies such as experimentation, modeling, and testing. Most importantly, he is able to translate analysis into actionable recommendations and executable plans. His insightful analysis leads to an enhanced understanding across all levels of the organization. Mark would be an asset to any organization looking for the best talent to add immediate positive impact and productivity to their IT team. Brian Wofford, Vice President Information Technology, Hollander Sleep Products
Mark is a fountain of knowledge. His skill sets and expertise in the realms of software development are second to none. He’s awesome to work with and always available to assist with any issue regardless of what emergency arises. Mark is the go-to-guy whenever there are development or system issues and an incredibly valuable asset to have on or running a team of developers. It was a pleasure to work with such an incredibly talented individual as Mark and I’d love to work with him in the future.Brandon Bartels, QA Lead/Automation and Customer Solutions Engineer
Mark is a very skilled professional. His experience and skills is a value add to any ecommerce establishment. Mark goes beyond his area of responsibility, eager to acquire knowledge and great to work with. I look forward to working with him sometime in the future. I strongly recommend Mark.Nachiket Desai, CIO, Vitacost.com
I had the pleasure of managing Mark as Interim CIO. Though his title was Senior Web Developer Mark functioned as a technology leader at the Director/CTO level. He provided a get it done attitude at the tactical level while still having a vision for the appropriate technology strategy. Mark could be counted on for smart and pragmatic solutions. He was able to direct and motivate people in a challenging environment and maintaining a focus on the appropriate goals. He would be a great addition to any company’s senior technology team.Alan Weingarden, Managing Director at Maxwell Partners Consulting
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mark on two different occasions. Mark’s professionalism and deep knowledge of technology make any project where we work together a success. He has a breadth of understanding of various technologies and architectures and it is this comprehensive knowledge that has allowed him to consistently propose and execute solid solutions.
Mark has an excellent (and difficult to find) blend of business and technical competencies. Whenever I developed something with Mark, his code is well tested, easy to understand, and he is always willing to help a fellow member of the technical team chase down a problem.
As a Director and Project Manager, he has always kept the goals of the business and the customer clear, and kept projects and teams on task and on time. There is never a question of priorities, or plan. He helps stakeholders understand the technical issues with implementing features, and whether there are any trade-offs or compromises because of them.
In both roles, I would say his best strengths are his communication, and the personal interest he takes in the businesses he works for. I have recommended Mark for projects at my job, and have been extremely happy.Elliot Betancourt,CTO
Mark was one of my lead contacts on work involving our Company’s Content Management System. Mark was highly skilled in communicating about complex technologies in a way that other engineers and developers could understand. His ability as a communicator was matched by his technical skill and willingness to do what was in the best interests of the group. He is a true professional and would be an asset to any high tech team.Kenneth Feldt, Web Content Development Professional
Mark is one of the few software engineers that is highly competent in both Microsoft and open-source technologies. His ability to solve complex problems utilizing the best technology for the task and his deep understanding of architecture make him a valuable asset to any organization. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Mark again in the future.Nicholas Ascione, Senior Systems Engineer at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies
Mark is a rare breed of technologist. Mark has a senior level understanding of the technologies with which he works. I often personally observed him giving guidance and advice to Windows administrators and developers, helping them to overcome technical obstacles in their work. On this level he is a mature professional.
However, the attributes that elevate him above from the crowd have to do with his strategic vision and understanding of the industry. During the time I worked with Mark he ascended from Senior Windows Developer to Director of Windows Development. The momentum for this rise was due in part to his responsibility and accountability in launching a cutting edge Windows hosting product for our company.
His actions caught the favorable attention of the CEO and placed him in a position of paramount importance for the Windows platform and the relationship with Microsoft. His actions were responsible for numerous opportunities for partnership with Microsoft on new product launches.
Mark works tirelessly, creatively and enthusiastically to achieve his goals and I have no doubt will contribute to the same kind of success in any endeavor in which he is involved.David Geller -- CTO, Social Picnik
Mark is an excellent mentor, an inspiring team leader and a great guy to work with. He likes to keep on top of things by adopting cutting edge technologies and applying them into work. He never sits idle; being a perfectionist, he always strives hard to fine tune things, may it be code or the development process. He is a very hard working, resourceful and knowledgeable individual who takes pride in his own work. I learned a great deal of things from him.Abhijeet Kulkarni, Project Leader at Convey Health Solutions
Mark is one of the most technically competent guys I have ever worked with. He was constantly working on ways in which we could improve our processes at Affinity and was always open to new ideas.Richard Brunelle -- Sr. PHP Developer at CareCentrix
Mark's skill level as a software engineer and leadership as director of development is truly remarkable. His creativity and experience is the source of his innovative and successful solutions. Mark demonstrates terrific coaching skills and has the desire to make a difference within his workplace and the teams which he interacts with. Mark is truly an asset to any team as both a leader and playerJeremy Hahn, VP of Technology
Mark is one of a few rare people who can truly understand the inner workings of both Microsoft products and business development. He is a dedicated, passionate, intelligent individual who is always willing to take the initiative on projects and capable of insuring their success. Mark has been pivotal on a number of projects within our company that have had a dramatic effect on both the growth and profitability of our Windows platforms.Kevin Suthard, Senior Systems Engineer at The Message Center
Mark is a talented engineer who understands the business process and the technological requirements of putting out a quality software product.Teebu Philip, Manager, IT Internal Technologies at TracFone Wireless
Mark and I worked together on many projects during our engagement at Computer Associates and each time we worked together I was able to learn a great deal from him. He is very professional and has a very strong work ethic. Mark constantly tries to integrate new technology into whatever he is doing. Mark would be a tremendous asset to any company.Steven Zaluk, Test Architect at Ai Squared and Owner and Principal Test Architect at Manta Labs, LLC
Very smartElizabeth Mains -- Senior Business Analyst at Verio Inc, an NTT company
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