The Richman Test: 12 Steps to Better E-Commerce

The Richman Test: 12 Steps to Better E-Commerce

I developed a highly focused test to rate the quality of an e-commerce organization’s effectiveness:

  1. Do you know who your ideal customer is?
  2. Do you market where your ideal customer hangs out?
  3. Are you selling what your customers *really* want?
  4. Can your customer easily find you?
  5. Can your customer easily find their product of interest on your website?
  6. Do you offer multiple payment methods?
  7. Do you offer multiple shipping methods?
  8. Do you segment your customers into lists, and email those lists regularly?
  9. Do you have an affiliate program?
  10. Do you have a continuity program?
  11. Do you perform multivariate testing?
  12. Do you have a complete suite of KPI reports?

A score of 12 is perfect, but at 9 or lower your e-commerce organization has serious problems! In practice, most online retailers operate at a 5 or so, and need serious help!

In which of these areas are you excelling? Share your story!

In which areas could you be more effective? I can help.


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