Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Many of my colleagues in the Ruby on Rails community have been posting a “tools of the trade” blog post, covering their hardware and software preferences. Now that I am nearly Microsoft-free, I figured I’d update my list.


  • Apple Mac Pro 8-core Xeon, 10GB RAM, 320GB + 500GB 7200rpm SATA drives. This is my main box and the best computer I’ve ever owned. I use the 500GB drive as my Time Machine backup drive, but I am looking into other backup options as Time Machine is slow and there are anecdotal reliability issues, but now that I’m running Snow Leopard, I haven’t experienced any (not that I’ve attempted a restore yet either). I’m going to look into SuperDuper!
  • Dual Dell FP1905 19″ LCD monitors. I hate them. The colors don’t match, no matter how I calibrate them, and they are too small for the type of work I do now. They also suffer from burn-in and ghosting. I’m considering a new Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP 30-inch, unless Apple announces something better for less money (ain’t gonna happen).
  • External WD USB/FireWire hard drive for additional backups.
  • M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio interface. I play guitar, and use this to record via the Shure SM-57 mic in front of my amps (not that this has anything to do with my work, but it’s cool nonetheless). My music gear is the subject for another blog entry.
  • Apple iPhone 3G.




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