WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby

WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby

I’ve been looking forward to this since I started working with Ruby and Rails. As a long time SOAP expert, I was disappointed by soap4r and the obvious absence of WS-* imeplementations in the Ruby world. Now, it looks like I can finally start abandoning WCF and get down to some serious productivity.

WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby (WSO2 WSF/Ruby), is an open source, enterprise grade, Ruby extension for providing and consuming Web Services in Ruby.

WSO2 WSF/Ruby is a complete solution for building and deploying Web services, and is the only Ruby extension with the widest range of WS-* specification implementations. Key features include, secure services and clients with WS-Security support, binary attachments with MTOM, works with Ruby on Rails and interoperability with .NET and J2EE.


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